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GoodLood is the fastest-growing food start up in Cracow. We produce our ice cream in Cracow, using only local dairy products, fresh fruit, and the best quality herbs and nuts.

We redefine ice cream for our customers, from serving unusual flavours, using the best ingredients to our love for high quality.


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Our classic offer

100% Natural

What can be said about our ice cream? First of all, that they’re fresh, delicious, with intriguing flavours and most importantly, always 100% natural!

Lood is Good when it’s natural! We use only 100% natural, verified, mostly local ingredients. We select these ingredients with care for your satisfaction. Our guests know this very well and that’s why they always return to our loodspots for more of our tempting delights.

As our ice cream is 100% natural, there’s no room for artificial additives, preservatives, colorants or flavour-enhancers. Our ice cream is a true treat for all sweet foods lovers, both those who fancy classic flavours like chocolate or cream gelato and those looking for more unique palate of flavours. Try them all and decide which flavour is your favorite!

Local Dairy Ice Cream

Light creamy ice cream made with milk and fresh cream

Caramel with pink himalayan salt

Sweet and salty ice cream made with milk and fresh cream

Dark Chocolate

Intensely creamy ice cream made with milk and fresh cream

(Polski) Może zawierać SOJĘ

Polish Strawberry

Refreshing vegan fruit sorbet

Ice cream hits

Each day, apart from our classic offer, we introduce 2 Flavours of the day. Each new flavour quickly becomes a must-eat, a real blockbuster of Ice cream world.

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